Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Can't believe I am blogging!!!:)

Ok so I have a good friend who blogs about all the neat things that she can make or create so when I thought about a blog I thought about hers. I really didn't think that I would have anything as interesting to blog about. I would just read hers and then some of the others that she followed and loved them. The women that share their ideas and creations where really fascinating to read. I especially liked the stories that they would tell and the pictures they would post about their lives that I COULD relate to as I am not a very crafty person by nature.

Yesterday it hit me that I don't really write down all of the funny or crazy things my kids do and say, so it came to me....... BLOG ABOUT IT!! So it seems I do have plenty to share. My kids are constantly doing and saying things that are worth sharing. Even if no one else gets a kick out of it I have recorded it for my husband to read later. And if it is embarrassing enough I can put it in an album to share with my boys future girlfriends.

So the name of my blog is Can't Have Nothin and here is why..... When I was younger I would hear my dad say "can't have nothin" as he stood and shook his head at something he had discovered was broken, lost or destroyed by my younger (by 17 years) siblings. I couldn't fully understand what he meant by those words until I HAD KIDS of MY OWN. Now it really describes my household more than my life as a whole. I have 2 little boys that I love dearly but continue to destroy anything that we might ever try to have. This saying goes through my mind and sometimes comes out my mouth when I have discovered the latest "art project" of my kids.

I will be sharing it with you as it happens. I really do try to see the humor in it as to not lose my mind. We don't have new expensive things, but we do have nice things that God has provided for us. We have exactly what we need plus extra. We try to instill in our children that we should take care of what God has provided for us, but that concept hasn't exactly sunk in. We continue to have items written on, left outside, broken in two, thrown off the 2nd story front porch and flushed down the toilet.

I hope you enjoy these tales as much as I have despite the condition of our home I LOVE being at home with our boys. It is truly a blessing to have these stories to tell. I will be going back and posting pictures and explaining some of our older (greater) Can't Have Nothin's as we go along.



  1. James said..."THAT'S AWESOME!" That's the PERFECT name for a blog! You need to go ahead and put the pictures of the marker incident first. Get on it girl! I can't wait to share.

  2. I love the name of your blog. Matt & I say this all the time "this is why we cant have nice things lol" I have a blog too you know, you need to join mine lol!! Cant wait to read more stories of your adventures. Here's a link to my blog