Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Getting Serious about Blogging!!!!

I started this blog to share with friends, family and others some of the things that have been going on in our lives. I named the blog Can't Have Nothin with the intention of sharing the adventures of the Blankenship boys. While I still plan on sharing some of the bigger events I have really wanted to share some of the funny things they do and say. Everyday one or both of my boys say something that truly should be recorded and what better way to do that than to blog it.

I will be posting more often but they maybe short posts. I love that my boys are their own little people with their own little personalities and I can't wait to share some of their thoughts and actions with everyone.

Below is a picture just to show you an example of how different they really are. I know you can't tell really well but Wyatt is eating his pizza face up and Rhett picks his up and eats it face down!!

These guys crack me up. Sometimes they do make me feel like I am cracking but we really do have some very memorable moments:)

Here is alittle bit about my boys:

Wyatt (4) - he is a sweet boy but is really careful who he lets into his little world. He really has to warm up to people before he is comfortable joking with them. He is very smart and loves to go to his school. He loves to ask questions about everything, not just your typical "why" but he really wants to know how things work. He is constantly asking questions that make me stop and think about things that I normally take for granted. He is very interested in learning about God and things of God. He is very passionate about marching bands and can't wait to be in one when he grows up. At this point he is most interested in playing the tuba but it changes weekly. He loves the Georgia Bulldogs (mostly the band) and really enjoys going to watch Ringgold and Heritage play.

Rhett (2) - he is a sweet boy but is quick to warm up. He gives smiles and likes to joke around with most anyone. He is very smart and has enjoyed going a few days a week to play school. He is very passionate about ANY sport. He probably asks me 30 times a day if I want to play some sort of ball with him. I am sure that he will be a football player because he talks about it the most. He LOVES the drums. He plays a really cute version of the air drums with sound effects included. He makes the funniest and most expressive faces. I never know what he is thinking. While I still think of him as my little baby he is growing faster than I can stand. He thinks he can do anything his big brother can do and usually gives it his best shot. I love our conversations as well.

Now that you know about my boys I hope you enjoy the "Wyatt and Rhett say the darnest things" to come!

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